Zenith Plastic Co

Zenith Plastic Co

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Manufacture precision engineering thermoplastic components.

Zenith plastic co. established in year 1999 with the aim to manufacture precision engineering thermoplastic components.
We are specialized in submersible pump parts like bowl-impeller sets with the manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad. We always responded every challenge and convert it into opportunity to deliver better quality & service.
Company headed with skilled management and skilled employees & labours with vast experience. We always delivered when occasion to develop customize products with particular design & desirable quality.
We are experienced in the processing of engineering plastic like poly-carbonate, Polyphenylene oxide (noryl), polyamide (nylon), ABS & their glass filled variations as per customer & product demand.
We try to give products at good reasonable prices with no quality compromise. We have full proof quality checking system to overcome problems arise during Pump assembly.
Quality System
Zenith plastic co. consists start to finish quality checking system that means raw material to finished goods. We have different gauges, Measuring Instruments & fixtures to ensure Precision quality. We Have Online Checking Policy to measure quality parameters like, Run outs in impeller, ultrasonic welding Properties, of dimensions like length, Diameters, Fittings Which Are Mainly Important for Pump Assembly. We Also Maintain Good Quality in Reprocess Material for Better Life, Abrasive & Water Resistance.
For More Details Visit us Online At : http://www.zenithplastic.in

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